a maximum of 3000 participants
Kruth - France
Sunday, June 30, 2024
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  1. FAQ

Useful information

Practical matters

Before registering

Who can take part?

L’Alsacienne is a cycling event for the general public open to everyone, aged over 18, whether they are beginners or experienced in this type of event, with or without license.

What level is required to take part?

The courses are in the mountains. It is therefore essential to have a cycling level that matches the course you have chosen, and to be fully aware of its difficulty.

Do I need to provide a membership card or a medical certificate?

For the 71 km randonnée: NO

For the timed courses: YES or NO, depending on whether you want to be ranked.

All of the information is provided here

Can I present my membership card or medical certificate on site?

NO, because if you present your supporting document on site there is a risk it will be refused if it is not compliant. It is in the entrants’ interest to upload them before registrations close.

Can I register on site?

NO, because to welcome so many entrants under good conditions and in the same way requires preparation on the part of the organiser.


This also applies to the cyclists, who must both train and prepare their trip.


In absolute terms, on-site registration is possible. By increasing the registration fee to cover any surpluses, taking advantage of no-shows (overbooking), keeping a number of unregistered bib numbers, or retaining the right to close the registrations at any time. However, L’Alsacienne does not use such practices.

Can I have a priority bib number?

L’Alsacienne welcomes and supports all entrants equally. There are therefore no priority bib numbers, preferential rates or special assistance.

Is the cost of the meal included in the registration fee?

NO. When you register, you must choose whether or not to buy one of the meals proposed. This free choice enables entrants to decide their budget, and enables the organisation to reduce waste at source.

What is the souvenir gift included in the registration fee?

Any gift, whatever it is, has a cost. This cost, whether high or low, is mainly paid for by the entrants, and may significantly increase the registration fee for a product that is not necessarily wanted or appreciated.


L’Alsacienne tries to offer regional food products. Products that you can share with your family and friends. We still need to find partners willing to offer over 2000 batches each.


If we are unsuccessful, L’Alsacienne will choose a useful and high quality product, the cost of which will hardly affect the registration fee.


Can I change my registration?

YES via the link indicated in the Registration Confirmation email, or the “Entrants list” which can be consulted on the website. This enables you in particular to upload your supporting document.

On the other hand,

  1. Your first name, surname and date of birth can only be modified by L’Alsacienne.
  2. You cannot transfer from a “Randonnée” registration to a “Timed courses” registration or vice versa.

Can I get a refund for the registration fee?

YES, if you have taken out the cancellation insurance cover proposed during registration, AND you meet the conditions of the policy.

Can I postpone my registration to the next event?

NO, as the organiser cannot guarantee that there will be another event. Similarly, entrants cannot guarantee they will be able to attend.

Can I exchange my bib number?

The registration cannot be exchanged or transferred.


Why is there a mass start at 7:30 am?

  • To comply with the times of the trains that cross the courses
  • To protect ourselves as much as possible from the possible summer heat.
  • To avoid penalising entrants who want to change courses during the event. They do not need to wait for the lead vehicle of another course
  • To reduce the attendance time of volunteers at the intersections and feed zones
  • So all the entrants can experience the excitement together at the start

Can I switch to another timed course before or during the race?

YES. The timing system records the entrants for the course they actually ride.

When does my timer start?

When you cross the starting line. It should be noted that detection of the chip on the starting line is secured twice after the starting line.

What about the feed zones?

Several feed zones are spread over the courses, in suitable areas where the cyclists are in safety, away from any traffic.


The feed zones and their characteristics are indicated on the maps and the profiles available here, mentioned in the technical guide sent to each entrant, and shown on the sticker made available to each entrant


They provide sweet and savoury foods, to complete the food that each cyclist will of course bring with them.


They provide water und cordials, to complete the drink that each cyclist has ensured that they bring in two large water bottles.


L’Alsacienne does not show the streams and fountains on the courses, as the water is not suitable for drinking. The water provided at the feed zones comes from a spring in Alsace, and is solely in bottles that have been bought and are opened in the entrants’ presence.


More than six tonnes of water are needed. As far as possible, L’Alsacienne endeavours to keep the water at a pleasant temperature, without using a refrigerated truck which consumes fuel for hours, what’s more in a natural area.


In addition to a balanced diet and eating plenty of starchy food and carbohydrates several days before the event, we advise entrants to consume their usual food and energy drinks during the event.  L’Alsacienne does not provide energy products.

How is technical support provided?

A free bike repair stand (excluding parts) is available on Saturday in the reception village from 1 pm to 6 pm, during bib number collection.


Each entrant must arrive at the start of the event with a bike that has been serviced and is in perfect working order, equipped with a saddlebag containing two inner tubes, tyre levers and a mini pump.


Only entrants who have mechanical difficulties that cannot be repaired with the compulsory minimum equipment can be rescued by the broom wagon.

How is medical assistance provided?

Whether you witness or suffer an accident, it is up to each person to provide assistance and to call the emergency services.


The emergency number is shown on the bib number, the saddle number plate or the frame number plate.

Can close friends provide assistance?

Following cars are forbidden on pain of immediate disqualification.

Imagine if there were as many following cars as entrants!

All of the information is provided here

Are there cut-off times?

YES, for the timed courses

All of the information is provided here

Can I receive a meal after the race?

YES, in exchange for the meal coupon attached to the bib number. The coupon shows the number of meals ordered before the registration closing date.


A service providing sandwiches and snacks is available on Saturday from 12 noon to 6 pm and on Sunday from 6 am to 6 pm.


A bike parking area is provided for entrants near the food area.

Who takes part in the official ceremonies?

The first three men and women in the scratch race for each course are invited to attend the official ceremonies. The times of the ceremonies are shown here


There are several hours’ difference between the arrival of the scratch race podium and the age group podium. Furthermore, entrants leave the event as soon as possible to start their journey home. As a result it is impossible to find a time for the ceremony that would suit most of the winners (162 for the three courses). For that reason only the first three men and women in the scratch race for each course are invited to attend.


ALL finishers deserve our congratulations!