a maximum of 3000 participants
Kruth - France
Sunday, June 30, 2024

Between mountains, lakes & heritage

L'Alsacienne : The Vosges cycling challenge

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Untimed event
Starts jointly with the timed courses
All types of bikes authorised,
including e-bikes

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L’Alsacienne loves its native land, traditions and local products, and offers thousands of cyclists the chance to discover the charms of Alsace.

This event is recognised as one of the most important general public cycling events in France, and is the envy of cyclists throughout the world.

L’Alsacienne is known for its friendly and festive atmosphere, its local products, its egalitarian treatment and for having the lowest registration fee. L’Alsacienne is appreciated for its colourful and cosmopolitan pack, going from one pass to another without respite, the beauty of the scenery and the diversity of the courses. L’Alsacienne offers all those things!

The four courses start from a mountain lake, and follow in particular the surprising Le Haag greenway and the panoramic Route des Crêtes. This first section, which sets the tone for the L’Alsacienne, remains engraved in the memory of entrants. Just like the passage from the Petit-Ballon to Platzerwasel in the 147 km and 170 km courses, as well as in the Tour de France.

Whether you want to race against the stopwatch or just make it to the finish point in the time allowed, L’Alsacienne invites you to take part and face “THE CYCLING CHALLENGE FOR ALL”



from 1st February, 9 AM