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Kruth - France
Sunday, June 30, 2024
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Car park

  1. Car park


Car park

7 car parks with a total capacity of 1720 spaces are organised on meadows within a radius of 2 km of the reception village. Only one road, the D13B, leads to the reception village. The start point can be accessed from the reception village.

If the land is waterlogged, alternative car parks will be provided between Fellering and the reception area, i.e. a stretch of 7 km.


Car parks P1 and P2 with a total capacity of 748 spaces, nearby the reception village, can be accessed freely.

All vehicles travelling to the reception village will be welcomed and directed by marshals. Parking of vehicles in the car park indicated by the marshal is organised by attendants.


  • Preferably collect your bib number on Saturday, or ask someone to collect it for you. It is the easiest solution.
  • Give priority to car sharing, a solution that is both pleasant and environment-friendly


Camper vans
There are no parking areas for camper vans in this green setting. We therefore ask camper van drivers to contact the nearby campsites.


Follow the instructions of the marshals and attendants. That way you will avoid wasting time, blocking the traffic and parking badly. Any vehicles parked in an unauthorised area will be impounded.


Before leaving the car park, check carefully that you have not left behind any of your possessions or litter. Thank you for leaving the premises litter-free.