a maximum of 3000 participants
Kruth - France
Sunday, June 25, 2023
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Time limits

  1. Time limits


The cut-off times enable any suitably-trained cyclists to easily reach the finish point within the time allowed. This system protects the health and safety of cyclists, and also benefits the 170 volunteers waiting for the cyclists.

At the Markstein, KM 52.8
From 10:50 am

Transfert from the 195 km and 146 km courses to the 118 km course

At the Lac de Kruth
From 2.30 pm

The road to the Col du Bramont is closed.
At 143.8 km, transfer from the 195 km course to the 146 km course

Broom wagon

All cyclists overtaken by the broom wagon will be declared disqualified and will not be covered by the organisation’s safety plan. The times of the broom wagon are shown in the road book available in the fact sheet for each course .


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